Struggle Files: Terrence Howard can’t pay alimony, claims he’s earning less than $6000 per month!

The struggle is real for Terrence Howard or at least he would like you to believe it is.

His second wife, Michelle Ghent insists that Terrence owes her $325,000 in back spousal support payments. Not child support – SPOUSAL SUPPORT. That amount is even more ridiculous as the two were only married for a year.

Terrence is asking to get out of the agreement, claiming that Ghent blackmailed him into signing that agreement. This is the woman that Howard allegedly sucker punched and kicked during their tumultuous marriage.


I was wondering the same thing. It appears that Michelle Ghent had taped conversations between Howard and some of his ex-girlfriends. Back in 2009, Howard hired Ghent as an assistant. Before his mother died Howard taped a conversation he had with his mother and asked Ghent to help him download it. While doing so, she uncovered a bunch of other recordings Howard made with past ex-girlfriends. You can only imagine what was said during those calls. She downloaded them onto her computer…just in case she ever needed them…..and needed them she did. [more…]

During a fight about money, Ghent decided it was the right time to bring up the recordings that she had. She told Howard,

You think I don’t still have a copy of your f—– up recordings? I heard the conversations that you had with previous girlfriends and if I wanted to? Trust me.”

Ghent also pulled the same scheme later when she threatened to sell the audio files along with a video of Howard singing naked in the bathroom, if he didn’t transfer money to her account. She said,

“I will f–king bury you deep in the ground with all the information I have.”

In a text sent to Howard and his manager she wrote

“But seeing that you guys think I’m stupid..Its [sic] fine I will do a stupid thing……….But that’s OK, I will sell some of Terrence’s belongings to cover expenses.”

Something there shook Terrence Howard because he transferred $40K to her that same night!


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Rare Picture of Wife No. 1: Lori McCommas

Not only is Terrence saying that he was blackmailed by wife number 2, he revealed that all his checks go directly to wife number 1! He was married to Lori McMasters for 14 years. Howard and McMasters have three children together of which Howard pays child support on the two that are under 18 – Heaven and Hunter. He explained that his entire check goes to McMaster and she takes out child support and spousal support which leaves him with a sad sum of $5,878 per month.

Howard was accused of assaulting her when he kicked down her front door and punched her three times in the face. Howard actually admitted to that by stating,

‘I broke the door down and hit my wife.’


Just ask Wife #3:

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Terrence Howard and wife Mira Cristine Pak

Although Howard screwed up his biggest break, which would have been Iron Man 2 and 3, he has still been in some pretty decent sized box office bangers:

Winnie Mandela: 2011
Red Tails: 2012
The Company You Keep: 2012
Dead Man Down: 2013
The Butler: 2013
Prisoners: 2013
The Best Man Holday: 2013
Sabotage: 2014
Lullaby: 2014

The man did 4 movies in 2013 and has a calculated networth of $5 Million. Although he claims he’s earning just $5,878 per month after expenses that is probably true, but that doesn’t include him getting lump sum paydays from his movies. Let’s say a movie pays him $450,000 he gets that in January in one lump sum. In February he’s getting paid from residuals from commercials, past films, and royalties, this is how he can cry broke. That February check is probably $20K of which he is left with $5,878. To say he’s struggling just makes for a better news headline.

Don’t believe everything you read. Right Terrance?