Cops Search Bobbi Kristina’s Home A Second Time, Drugs Were Reportedly Found

Let’s start off with some good news. Sources confirmed yesterday that Bobbi Kristina is showing clear signs of improvement. Swelling has gone down in her brain, she has moved her eyes for the first time since the incident, and oxygen levels in her brain are starting to increase. These are wonderful signs, and doctors believe she will make it through this alive.

However, they don’t know how much neurological damage she has suffered. She was under the water for at least two minutes, and possibly up to five minutes. If the time was closer to the five minute side of things, there could be a lot of damage.

And early this morning, we learned some more bad (but not shocking) news. Last weekend, cops searched Bobbi Kristina’s home a second time, and this time they were more thorough. During the first search, they were only searching for items that were out in the open.

We know cops seized several items during the second search; however, they will not confirm what those items were. But family sources are telling TMZ that drugs were found inside the house. This will probably make the police investigation a lot easier, considering they believed drugs played a role in this drowning from the start.

Like we said, this isn’t exactly shocking news, but it’s painful to know she is struggling with the same things her mother did. Hopefully she makes a full recovery and is able to beat this.

We will continue to keep you updated.