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Is ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ the Worst Movie Ever? News host Lisa Wilkinson destroys the film in her Review (Video)

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I can honestly say that I’m not surprised. There was a reason that all the A-listers stayed away from this movie. It’s because their agents told them to. When you have a book that is based in reality that does as well as Fifty Shades has done, it’s hard to duplicate that success on the big screen.

Movies such as Harry Potter are different. With some special effects you can overcome any gaps that your imagination is expecting. Not so much with ‘Fifty Shades’.

For most women, including Lisa Wilkinson, its like sleeping with that hot guy and finding out he’s a 2 pump chump. You build up the experience so much in your head that even if he was a 5 pump chump it would never match your ever growing expectations. Sprinkle a little media hype on it and add a Valentine’s Day weekend release and you have one box-office crushing dud.

Or as Lisa Wilkinson describes, “Fifty Shades of Grey is quite simply the worst movie I have ever seen”. Watch her destroy the movie in her review below. Have you seen it? Do you agree?

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