Mendeecees Harris – 02DEC2015

Mendeecees Harris Gets 8 Years! The Love & Hip Hop Star Responds To Sentencing With a Post on Social Media.


Didn’t I call it?  I was 100% right.  I said that he would get more then 5 years.  I knew he wasn’t going to get a slap on the wrist for this one.  How did I know? Because we posted a story in July of 2014 when his brother, who was indicted with him received 5 years. It was revealed then, that a third man arrested in connection with the crime told the Feds that Mendeecees was the mastermind behind the entire scheme.


Although news outlets are glossing over the actual details of the crime, we had a copy of the indictment.

They were basically moving weight (drugs) from New York City (where it’s cheaper and more accessible) up to Rochester, NY and then working with local dealers to distribute the drugs throughout the urban upstate NY areas.   If you read closely it says that

Mendeecees Harris did knowingly, willfully and unlawfully combine, conspire and agree together and with others, known and unknown to the Grand Jury, to commit the following offenses: possession with the intent to distribute, five kilograms or more of a mixture and substance containing cocaine a Schedule II controlled substance and one kilogram or more of a mixture and substance containing heroin.

During the sentencing the judge gave us an idea just how much drugs Mendecees and his team were moving.  The judge states that Rochester region shipments were 2 to 5 kilograms of cocaine monthly. The feds seized almost a million dollars in deposit boxes and $615,000 in cash whichwas found in two homes.

In a very wise move, Mendeecees decided to  change his plea to “guilty”. In the court room he apologized for any trouble that he caused the city of Rochester and then explained how he grew up fatherless in a tough neighborhood which lead him into the drug game. He told the court that his children is why he changed his life around,

Ever since (having children), I’ve been trying to right my wrongs

We could see this psuedo-repentance playing out in in the last season of Love and Hip Hop NY as Mendeecees was often shown talking to kids and mentoring groups of young boys. In my opinion it was all fake in attempts to get a reduced sentencing.  In a show of fake-reality scenes and staged drama, the scenes when Mendeecees is trying to be a “good guy” appear to be extra phony.   Any money that he earned  from the show as well as any money made from public appearances had to be turned over to the Feds. To date he has ponied up $170K.

His fame sort of hurt him and helped him. The judge basically said, because you are famous, a harsh sentencing will show people that this is no joking matter . the sentencing was done by US District Judge Frank Geraci Jr. Geraci told the court room,

This is a tough case, Mr. Harris, because of the fact you were transporting poison to this community.  Harris has positively affected young people with his talks and can continue to do so when he leaves prison.

The range of sentencing for his crime is anywhere from 97 months to 121 months. Geraci went with the lighter sentencing and Mendeecees was allowed to remain free until the Federal Bureau of Prisons informs him of when he needs to turn himself in and where.

In staying with his good guy persona, Mendecees put out a statement on instagram,


“I want you all to understand something. I completely accept responsibility for all that is going on. My transition to be a better person a productive person started well before this case. However in my past I made some bad decisions. Young men let my life be an example to you now before it’s too late. Better who you are now in your children’s lives and in society so you can change the path of your fate. Lack of opportunities, a fatherless home, the unforgiven neighborhood and circumstances you grew up in can no longer be your excuse. Trust me I tried. And it doesn’t make the pain your family feels any different. Young man educate your self and break the cycle. Don’t become a number on the DOA (dead on arrival) list or on the incarceration list. To my wife and children you are all strong and well prepared for this. This is just another brick laid down towards our house of happily ever after , walk with your head held high knowing I would never past the buck and put another family through what we have endured. Continue to walk in faith and love as you’ve done so well. To my peoples thank you for all the encouragement and support please continue to encourage my family. Thank you again all.”

Fake or not, I totally agree.  You can have all the excuses you want, but you break the law you will do the time.  Period.

As for Yandy, she is strong and I actually do believe that she will be there for this knuckle-head when he gets out. Typical of Yandy’s personality she is looking on the positive side of things. She is just happy that she has closure. After the sentencing, Yandy told the media

Now we have a definitive number (with the sentence) and we can move forward.  I know there is an end.

Mendeeces will get time served and with good behavior he can be out in 5 to 6 years. Still a long time and depending where he serves, it could be a long, long time. But before you go feeling too bad for him, let’s not forget, he and Yandy are married now and Yandy is worth $15 million.  So when Mendeecees is released, it won’t be like your cousin Raheem who cant’ find a job and has to resort back to  life of crime just to scrape by.  Yandy will pick him up in a limo, set him up with all he needs and the very next day he will be doing better then all of us.


Would you trade 6 years in jail for $15 million dollars when you got out?  Not that, this has anything to do with Mendeeces case, but it’s an interesting question.  For me the answer is simple. HELLLL NO!  If I had someone who was dying and could benefit from that money…then maybe.  Everyone has their price.  If not $15 million then how much?