Finally! Someone Puts Azealia Banks In Her Place…And It Was A 14-Year-Old Disney Star Who Did It!


As we reported yesterday, Azealia Banks went on an insane rant against Zayn Malik. It was filled with racist/homophobic comments, and it was especially concerning since Malik really didn’t do anything to ignite the hate.

But Banks loves to start trouble, and at this point we’re not sure if she’s truly an evil person, or if she legitimately has some mental condition. We all remember Amanda Bynes, right? It seems like Banks is going down that road.

In any event, someone finally had the courage to stand up and battle back against Banks. This someone is a 14-year-old Disney star named Skai Jackson. After reading Banks’ tweets about the former member of One Direction, the Disney star stepped in and sent out this tweet…


Of course, Banks quickly fired back by saying, “and you need to grow some hips and start ur menses. stay in a child’s place.”

And for any normal 14-year-old girl, that probably would have ruined their day. But Jackson is strong and she battled back with a series of pretty clever tweets.

azaa azaaa

DAAAAAAAAAAAMN! Jackson went in for the kill.

The feud continued on for a few more tweets, Banks pointed out that Disney “don’t like girls your color,” and basically said Jackson would be broke and unemployed soon. It seems like color is the only thing that matters in Banks’ life. She is obsessed with it.

Jackson’s final tweet to Banks said, “take your L like a champ,” which is/was the perfect way to end the conversation, because it’s clear Banks was the loser in that battle.