Rich People Problems: David Hasselhoff Claims He’s Barely Making It On $112k A Month!!!


David Hasselhoff is a filthy rich man, thanks to the success of Baywatch, Knight Rider and several other movies and TV shows he has starred in. The dude has made hundreds of millions of dollars, and is still pulling in over $100,000 a month, but he claims he’s broke.

He and his ex-wife, Pamela Bach, are in the middle of a pretty heated legal battle. She’s currently getting $252k a year in spousal support, but Hasselhoff is trying his best to get that amount lowered. He claims he just can’t afford it anymore. He’s trying to “stay relevant,” and he’s trying to bring in more money, but the people just don’t care about The Hoff anymore.

As mentioned above, he’s still bringing in $112k a month; however, that’s obviously not enough to support his lavish lifestyle. According to TMZ, he spends $66k of that monthly total, and when you throw in the spousal support and taxes, he has almost nothing left for himself.

David and his new 36-year-old girlfriend, Hayley Roberts.

David and his new 36-year-old girlfriend, Hayley Roberts.

More shocking is the fact that the actor has less than $2 million in real estate, cars, jewelry, art and retirement savings. With all the money he’s made, you’d think he would have more than that saved.

His ex-wife agrees with us. She doesn’t believe Hasselhoff’s struggles. Bach claims the actor is worth more than $120 million and continues to find more work to keep cash flowing in. She also points out the fact that he has multiple homes all over the world.

A court hearing is scheduled for later this month. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, just dream about all the things you could do with $112k a month…