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ATTENTION! Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott’s New Baby Is No Longer Named Wolf

Some terrible news for people who already got Kylie Jenner’s new baby’s name tattooed across their chest.

The 24-year-old billionaire welcomed the baby with Travis Scott last month, and they told everyone who would listen that their baby boy’s name was Wolf.

But now, just a few weeks later, Kylie is changing it all up. She went on her Instagram Stories and posted a simple message giving everyone an “FYI” that her baby was no longer going by Wolf.

She didn’t give us the dude’s new name, so I don’t know, I think we’ll probably still just call him Wolf.

I wonder why “Wolf” didn’t feel like him? How does one feel like a Wolf? Has he not been howling enough?

Kylie did not say if they were also changing the baby’s middle name, which was reportedly Jacques.

This shocking announcement came just hours after Kylie published a new YouTube video dedicated to the birth of her new son. The video is titled ‘To Our Son‘ and it does a wonderful job of making the Kardashian family look normal.

Check it out below. It has over 11 million views and is currently the number one trending video on YouTube. Kylie crushes it no matter what platform she’s on.