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Olivia Wilde And Her Attorneys Slam Jason Sudeikis, Claim He’s Trying To Put Her “Into Debt” With Custody Battle

It looks like the bad blood between Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde isn’t over yet. We thought they were working toward a solid coparenting relationship after meeting up with each other earlier this year.

Heck, even Olivia thought that. She told the court this week that they were scheduled to start working with a family therapist in January. “Things were calming down,” she said.

But then, she feels like Jason blindsided her.

Instead I learned … that the entire time I was negotiating the parenting time schedule in California [Jason] was plotting to proceed with the New York Child Support proceeding behind my back.

According to the most recent battle in court, Olivia’s attorneys accused Jason and his gang of trying to “litigate her into debt” throughout this custody battle.

While Jason can afford to spin his wheels with filing after filing, Olivia cannot. Jason seems intent on throwing whatever he can against the wall to see what will stick, and this Request for Order seeking a stay of the California Parentage action is just the latest example.

The hearing ended up going in Olivia’s favor. The judge ruled that the hearings should remain in California and not NYC. You see, Jason wanted his kids to live in Brooklyn, but Olivia has been fighting hard to keep them in Los Angeles, which is where they’ve spent the most time in.

She says their 6-year-old daughter Daisy never went to school there and Otis only attended one semester of kindergarten there.

Jason should not be permitted to litigate Olivia into debt, and then claim she should be deprived of her right to seek a needs-based fee contribution from him. Wilde is aware that he is far wealthier than she is.

For those wanting numbers, Jason is reportedly worth around $25 million. Some sites claim Olivia has a net worth around $20 million, so there’s not much of a difference there.

However, some of her wealth might be tied up with Jason. Plus, Jason’s worth is rapidly increasing with every season of Ted Lasso.

In any event, let’s hope they’re able to work it all out for their children.