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Don Lemon Appears To Slight Jon Stewart On Hot Mic, Then Backtracks Big Time!

Jon Stewart, best known for hosting the satirical news program ‘The Daily Show‘, has been in the news a lot recently for his incredible work campaigning for veterans. Some believe he could make a run for the presidency, and honestly, he’d probably get a lot of votes.

He’s one of the few democrats who actually appeal to some people in the heart of America, which is something democrats desperately need.

Anyway, Stewart recently interviewed U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, and in the interview, Stewart challenged Hicks on what he described as extreme waste in the DOD’s $850 billion budget.

When Hicks took issue with the waste allegation, Jon shot back … ‘I can’t figure out how $850 billion to a department means that the rank and file still have to be on food stamps. To me, that’s f***ing corruption.’

CNN’s Don Lemon played this clip during his show on Monday morning, and as the clip ended, he was caught on a hot mic saying, “He gets a lot of leeway with the comedian thing, though.”

After a long and awkward pause, Lemon attempted to backtrack… big time. He said Stewart is so much more than a comedian. In fact, he said that twice in like the next minute, clearly trying to deflect from his previous comment.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Lemon has said something controversial. Back in February, he was forced to take a day off work after he claimed women over the age of 40 were past their prime.

Some insiders believe he’s close to being fired from the network, and we have to imagine this latest blunder won’t help.