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Everyone Is Mad At Tony Danza For Being Rude To An Excited Reporter At Broadway Premiere

@rye_myers As a red carpet reporter, I’m here to help bring excitement to your event and promote it! I LOVE chatting with Broadway and Entertainment’s best as “Your Broadway & Entertainment BFF!” I understand not everyone is in the mood to answer questions, and you can always pass. I asked these same questions (and a few others!) to heavy hitters like #JoelGray #linmanuelmiranda and others, and only #TonyDanza replied like this…. To say I was blown away, shocked, and embarrassed is an understatement…But, my professionalism showed through! 😉 #tonydanza #wtfmoments #celebrityencounters #rude #nypost #pagesix #tmznews #whostheboss #redcarpet #redcarpetreporter #shockingmoments #rudecelebrities #slapintheface #celebritynews ♬ original sound – rye_myers

Remember Tony Danza? The TV actor, who starred in hit shows like Who’s The Boss and Taxi, is now 72-years-old, and apparently he’s become a little grumpy in his old age.

He was at the ‘New York, New York‘ Broadway premiere this past week when he was interviewed on the red carpet by a reporter named Rye Myers.

Myers talked in a pretty excited tone, and this didn’t sit well with Danza. “Relax a little. You’re more excited than we are. Take it easy,” Danza talked down to him.

Myers then asked a question, and Tony answered it, but then when Myers asked what his favorite NYC food was, Danza reached out to touch Myers’ cheek.

“You know what you’ve got to do, buddy, you’ve got to come up with better questions,” Tony said to him, and then turned to producer Jamie DeRoy and said, “Come on. Let’s go.”

In the caption of the video, Myers points out he asked the same questions to other stars like Lin Manuel Miranda, and they all were gracious enough to answer with kindess.

People in the comments blasted Tony for his rude behavior…

“He’s showed his true colors as a condescending azzhole [sic] but you handled it with humor and grace. Bravo to you.”

“The touch of my face would have sent me into a fit of rage.”

“he should be glad people still want to talk to him.”

What do you think? Was Tony rude, or should the reporter have better questions?