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ABC 7 Anchor Ken Rosato Was Fired After He Allegedly Called His Co-Anchor A “C**T” On Hot Mic!

There are two things you can never call a woman, and those two things are bitch and c**t. And if you must choose between the two, bitch will probably get you in less trouble. C**t is like the ultimate no-no.

Apparently, ABC 7 anchor Ken Rosato didn’t get the memo. The local New York anchor who had been with the network for over two decades was “immediately fired” after he was caught calling his co-anchor Shirleen Allicot a “c**t” on a hot mic.

He was not on the air when the insult was fired, but producers heard it on the hot mic, which was enough to fire him. A spokesperson for ABC had “no comment” on the shocking firing. Meanwhile, reps for Rosato did not confirm nor deny their client used the c-word.

But one thing they do want to make clear is that he did NOT use a racial slur.

Being fired for any racial slur is 100 percent inaccurate and untrue. Ken Rosato had a benchmark of 20 years at WABC of supporting all equality.

Some people had speculated he used a racial slur when the rumors first came out, but it looks like that speculation was unfounded.

Pretty crazy stuff. Rosato started working for the network back in 2003 as a reporter, and then was later promoted to morning and noon anchor.

The station has yet to publicly announce his exit, but the general manager informed staffers that Rosato ‘is no longer with WABC’ via email on Friday.

You have to wonder if he was already on thin ice. I mean, calling your co-anchor a c**t is obviously very bad, but you wouldn’t think it’d be enough for an immediate firing.