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Joe Jonas Files For Divorce From Sophie Turner, And His Reps Claim Her Partying Is To Blame!

We’ve been hearing rumblings about a potential divorce in the making between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, and now it’s official.

On Tuesday, Joe filed for divorce from Sophie after just four years of marriage. Court records show he filed in Miami, and he has hired high-profile attorney, Tom Sasser, to represent him. Sasser is the attorney who handled Tiger Woods’ dramatic divorce.

Joe is asking for joint custody of the two kids they share together. He also believes neither he nor Sophie should pay for child support because they’re both able to afford childcare on their own.

The estranged couple have a prenuptial agreement that was established on April 27, 2019, per the docs.

Now here is where things get interesting… multiple sources are trying to put all the blame on Sophie. If you read basically any gossip site, you’ll see them cite Sophie’s partying ways as a reason for the divorce. A source told TMZ that Joe just wants to stay at home with his family, while Sophie wants to go out and party every weekend.

To add fuel to the fire, some general manager of a bar in England shared recent photos of Sophie downing some drinks with the cast of a TV show she’s currently filming.

Another report, coming from TMZ, claims Joe overheard Sophie say something on their Ring camera, which led to him thinking their marriage was over.

Multiple sources close to the Jonas Brothers member told TMZ Wednesday that he either overheard the ‘Game of Thrones’ actress say something or saw her do something via a Ring camera that made him realize their marriage was over.

Now here’s the thing, almost all these “reports” are coming from TMZ, who are very clearly in talks with Joe’s lawyer. It’s entirely possible that Joe’s legal team is trying to paint Sophie in a bad light, in order to have a leg up in the divorce.

After all, just a couple years ago, Sophie gave an interview, and she claimed that it was Joe who liked partying…

So what’s really going on here? Too early to know, but don’t believe everything you read on TMZ. That’s all we’re saying.