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Cyber Bullying? Or Innocent Joke? Fans Accuse Amy Schumer Of Bullying Nicole Kidman

These days, you have to be EXTRA careful of every joke you make. People are super sensitive right now. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the recent incident with comedian Amy Schumer.

On Monday, the 42-year-old star shared a photo of Nicole Kidman watching the US Open. Nicole was photographed sitting with a serious expression on her face, with one hand under her chin while her other arm cradled her elbow.

Schumer found this photo to be amusing, so she shared it and captioned it, “This how human sit,” which is actually pretty funny, and relatively harmless.

But obviously not harmless enough for the internet. Fans flooded the comments, accusing Schumer of cyber bullying. They said her caption was “mean” and called her a “mean girl.”

Another user got real serious with it, writing, “Bringing others down is always a sign of our own internal insecurities anyway, so the critics here should hold a mirror.”

The post received so much hate that Schumer decided to delete it from her social media accounts. She has not issued any kind of apology, and as far as we know, Kidman hasn’t addressed the incident either.

For what it’s worth, Schumer was also at the tennis match, and this was her photo…

… best caption wins?