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Michael Jordan’s Net Worth Now Stands At $3 Billion, Find Out Why That’s A Very Big Deal!

Michael Jordan is widely considered to be one of the best athletes to ever step foot on a basketball court, and now he’s one of the best off the court as well.

The 60-year-old NBA legend is now worth $3 billion, according to Forbes, which means he’s one of the wealthiest 400 people in America. He is the first athlete to rank among the 400 richest in America.

The Basketball Hall of Famer made the list in large part because of his sale of the Charlotte Hornets, which gave him an estimated worth of approximately $3 billion.

Of course, he also earned a bunch of money through partnerships as well. Forbes revealed Jordan has earned (pre-tax) around $2.4 billion through partnerships with Gatorade, McDonald’s, Hanes, and of course Nike.

As a player, he made just $93 million. You’ll remember, when he was playing, contracts weren’t as insane as they are now. If Jordan had played in present time, he would have made much more than $93 million.

LeBron James and Tiger Woods have also both crossed the billionaire threshold, although they still have some earning to do if they are going to catch Jordan and make the Forbes list.

How high can Jordan go on the list? Well, he probably won’t crack the top 100. He’d need to increase his net worth close to $10 billion to crack the top 100.

On another note, can you believe there’s 100 people walking around the U.S. with a net worth over $10 billion? Geez.