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Photos Appear To Show Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Getting Into Heated Argument

Last week, there was a big deal made about a hug between Ben Affleck and his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. The photo was snapped by a paparazzo from a distance, but you can kinda see Ben resting his head on Garner’s shoulder.

It’s important to note that one of their kids was in the car at the time, so it’s not like this was some intimate moment between exes.

But still, the headlines went wild, with some speculating Ben’s current wife, Jennifer Lopez, wasn’t happy when she saw this photo being shared online.

And so because of this, the paparazzi have been following Ben and J.Lo around, hoping to catch them in some disagreement, and at least one paparazzo believes he snapped the magic shots.

In photos released over the weekend, you can see the two stars driving around Los Angeles together, and it looks as if they’re having a somewhat heated discussion.

At one point, the ‘Jenny From the Block’ singer angrily looked ahead as the ‘Justice League’ star spoke at her. Another snap showed Lopez, 54, glaring at Affleck as the actor continued to speak.

So is there trouble in paradise? Well, insiders say no. They claim the couple was not arguing in these photos and that everything is peachy between them.

In fact, one source says it’s because of Lopez that Ben and Garner have such a solid co-parenting relationship, so she’s all for them sharing a hug.

What do you think? Are the sources correct, or is there more going on here?