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Legendary Sports Commentator Bob Costas Reportedly Saved Someone’s Life At A Restaurant

Bob Costas is currently calling the MLB playoffs, specifically the series between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks. And while we’re sure he’s been extremely busy with note taking and prep meetings before the games, he apparently found time to save a life!

According to PageSix, the 71-year-old sports commentator was dining at a restaurant recently when he noticed another patron choking on a piece of food a few tables over.

While everyone else panicked, Bob remained calm and performed the Heimlich maneuver on the person, ultimately saving their life.

A rep for Bob confirmed the story, but said their client didn’t think it was a big deal.

Bob doesn’t think this was that big of a deal. He really feels he did what just about anyone else would do in a similar situation.

I mean, sure… that’s what everyone would like to think, but a lot of people crumble under pressure. There’s only a certain amount of people who actually take action when it’s needed, so Bob should give himself a little pat on the back.

Life has been fairly chill for Bob in recent years. He and NBC went through a pretty public breakup in 2018/19 after decades of working together. He was the voice of the Olympics for around two decades.

These days, he doesn’t work nearly as much, but when he does, it’s typically with TBS or MLB Network.

Way to go Bob!