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Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Have Reached A Tentative Deal In Custody Battle

There’s finally some good news to report in the divorce/custody battle between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. As you all know, Joe shocked everyone by filing for divorce from Sophie last month, which led to a pretty heated custody battle over their two daughters.

They both agreed to attend a 3-day mediation last week, and it looks like they have reached a tentative agreement when it comes to their 3-year-old daughter Willa and their 1-year-old Delphine.

According to TMZ, they’re “super close” to reaching a settlement, but in the meantime, they have agreed to a temporary child custody agreement.

Under the terms, the 2 kids — ages 1 and 3 — will be with Sophie from October 9 through October 21. During that time, she’s allowed to travel with them to the UK. On October 21, Sophie must return with the kids to the U.S., where Joe will then take them through November 2. The kids will then go back to Sophie until November 22. Joe gets them on that day and will presumably spend Thanksgiving with them.

In this deal, Joe gets Thanksgiving with the kids and Sophie gets Christmas. And then next year, they’re hopeful the settlement will be in place. We’re not sure what that will look like. It’s possible they continue this schedule of three weeks with one parent and three with the other, but once their kids get to be school age, you have to imagine they’ll need more stability.

But hey, at least they have agreed on something. It’s a step in the right direction, because three weeks ago, it looked like they were headed for war.