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Comedian Matt Rife Offends People In Comedy Special, Then Offends Them Even More With His “Apology”

There’s nothing like being a straight white male comedian, especially these days. I know the Joe Rogan types want to make you think that everyone is being canceled and that no one can joke about anything these days, but last time I checked… Rogan was the highest paid podcaster in the world.

And now, another very successful white comedian is crying after some people were offended by a joke he made in his latest Netflix special, Natural Selection.

The comedian in question? Matt Rife. He opened the special with a joke about domestic violence. He talked about visiting a “ratchet” restaurant in Baltimore where the hostess had a black eye. “A full black eye,” he said, and he noted it was very obvious how she got it, hinting she had been abused by her boyfriend.

But we couldn’t get over, like, this is the face of the company? This is who you have greeting people? And my boy, who I was with, was like, ‘Yeah, I feel bad for her, man. I feel like they should put her in the kitchen or something where nobody has to see her face.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, but I feel like if she could cook, she wouldn’t have that black eye.’

Some people had a problem with this, and they let him know about it on Twitter and Instagram. And he responded on his Instagram Story on Monday morning.

He wrote, “If you’ve ever been offended by a joke I’ve told – here’s a link to my official apology,” the link took people to a site to purchase special needs helmets from Medicaleshop.

This obviously upset people even more.

One person wrote, “Matt Rife making a sexist/DV ‘joke’…then sending people to a website to special needs helmets as his ‘apology’. There’s a difference between an edgy joke and just being disrespectful and distasteful.”

Another wrote, “f–k you @mattrife people with disabilities aren’t your punchline after making a misogynistic dv joke. be funny without being a gross human or you’re just not funny???”

And look, that’s the thing… these dudes always talk about you should be able to “joke” about anything, but JOKES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY! YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE THE JOKE IS FUNNY!

And “funny” doesn’t mean “funny” to your small group of bros. It needs to be smart/clever. Joking about how women should be able to cook is such a tired joke. There’s nothing original there. And then the whole special needs helmet thing is just dumb.

It’s weak sh*t, man. If you want to be an edgy comedian, that’s cool with me… just make sure you actually have the talent to support it.