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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Keep Their Distance From Each Other At Son’s Graduation

The speculation surrounding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage continues to grow. As most of you probably know, most insiders say they are headed for a divorce, and there are some signs pointing to that, like the fact that they put their mansion back on the market after just buying it last year.

And on Wednesday, the rumors grew when Ben and Jen arrived separately at his son’s graduation. Ben’s son, Samuel, was graduating from whatever grade 12-year-olds are in, and Jennifer arrived to the location separately with her 16-year-old twins, Max and Emme.

Meanwhile, Ben arrived with his mother as his plus one.

It’s worth noting that Ben was wearing his wedding band, but insiders say that he and Jen didn’t really talk at the graduation ceremony.

TMZ reports:

The couple is clearly hurtling towards divorce because Ben’s moved out to a rental home in Brentwood, and they are quietly trying to sell the family home in Bev Hills that they bought after getting hitched.

Sad stuff, especially for Lopez, who created a whole album/documentary/feature film to their love story. In fact, there’s a line in her documentary where she mocks people who say she and Ben won’t last a year together.

Technically, they did last more than a year. They got married in July of 2022, so you know, two years isn’t terrible. It could have been worse!

I’m still holding out hope these rumors are trash.