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Chris Brown Gets Stuck High In The Air During Concert, Saved By Ladder

The good news? Chris Brown got stuck high in the air while gliding over the audience at a recent tour stop. The bad news? He was rescued.

The 35-year-old singer/dancer/douchebag was performing in Newark this week when he suffered a bit of an accident while moving over the audience.

For several minutes, Brown hovered over the arena and continued to bust a move while waiting for assistance. He spent a couple minutes trying to get the crew’s attention.

Eventually, they got the message he was stuck and rescued him with a very tall ladder. Once his feet hit the ground, he looked pretty upset, shouting at a crew member backstage.

But he managed to regain his composure and finish off the performance. It’s not a great start to his 11:11 tour, which just kicked off last week. Hopefully they get this stunt figured out before his next show.

The last time Brown was touring, he angered some people by grabbing the throat of a fan while “serenading” her during a concert in England.

You can check out that weird clip below…

She didn’t look into that throat grab lol.