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Travis Scott Arrested In Miami For Disorderly Intoxication And Trespassing

Justin Timberlake isn’t the only one getting arrested for acting like a fool in public while drunk. We have a new challenger entering the, “Douchiest Celeb of All-Time” tournament.

Rapper (and former boo of Kylie Jenner), Travis Scott, was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami on charges of disorderly intoxication and trespassing.

Apparently, he was on a charter boat in the Miami Beach Marina when its owner called police and requested Scott to leave. “He was drunk and causing a disturbance,” an insider noted. He was asked to leave multiple times, but he refused, and started screaming profanities. At some point, he did leave, but then returned a short time later to cause more ruckus.

That’s when cops came and arrested him. His bond was set at $650, which he was easily able to post. A source close to Scott claims the whole thing was blown out of proportion.

There was no physical altercation with anyone. This was a rowdy party and Travis was already bailed out for a few hundred dollars. He is already home. There will be no further action to be taken as it was a minor incident akin to receiving a ticket with no injuries.

Scott’s behavior seems to be a bit more aggressive lately. Just last month, he got into a fight with Cher’s boyfriend, Alexander “AE” Edwards, at an afterparty in Cannes.

Travis was the aggressor. He and his team were being neurotic, erratic and crazy. He was there looking for a fight with anyone to be honest.

Hopefully he grows up at some point, but he’s 33-years-old, so you know… not a lot of hope.