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New Lakers Head Coach JJ Redick Is Already In Hot Water After Woman Accuses Him Of Using N-Word

As some of you may already know, the Los Angeles Lakers signed former Duke University star, JJ Redick, as their new head coach, which was a shock to many people.

Redick was a great college basketball player. He also played in the NBA for several seasons, and while he had a few good seasons, he could never put it together consistently on the big stage. Since retiring four years ago, he’s been a talking head for ESPN, often challenging other analysts with actual stats to back up his arguments.

And it’s likely his high basketball IQ that made him an appealing choice for the Lakers. Unfortunately, he’s already facing some controversy.

Halleemah Nash, an author and former Duke student, went on Twitter earlier this week to accuse Redick of calling her the n-word several years ago.

The tweet has been viewed millions of times and multiple media outlets have reached out to Redick’s team for a comment. A rep for the coach sent back, “No, it never happened.”

We’re not sure if Redick is going to address it more at some point, or if he’s hoping it’ll just go away. He and his team are probably trying to figure out what the best approach is.

No word on if this will have any impact on his coaching position, but we highly doubt it.