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Old Man David Foster Calls Young Beautiful Wife Katharine McPhee “Fat” In Resurfaced Video

As some of you may know, former ‘American Idol‘ star Katharine McPhee is married to a 74-year-old record producer/composer named David Foster.

The 40-year-old singer started dating Foster in 2017 when she was 33-years-old. Two years later, she became his fifth wife. That’s right, she’s number five. The dude is mowing through wives, and after watching this clip, we can kinda see why.

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In the clip, McPhee is onstage with Foster. They’re talking about when they first met nearly 20 years ago when McPhee was a contestant on Idol. Foster served on the show as a mentor for the contestants. While pointing to the screen of an old photo of herself, McPhee called herself chubby.

That’s when Foster took it up a level by casually saying, “Oh yeah, you were fat.”

McPhee tried to make light of the moment by explaining, ‘ I was a little chubby, OK? I was just young.’ But internet users blasted ‘shallow little man’ Foster for the ‘totally ignorant’ and ‘disrespectful’ remark.

We’re sure both Foster and McPhee will say he was joking, but that’s a pretty insane joke to make about your wife, especially when you remember she admitted to having an eating disorder while on the show. She had to seek help to treat the condition.

And she still struggles with her body image to this day. Three years ago, McPhee welcomed her first baby with Foster, and she admitted pregnancy really tested her. She called the “body-issue stuff” the most challenging part of pregnancy for her.

Meanwhile, Foster is doing his best to make everything worse. Pretty wild behavior for a dude who needs Metamucil to take a healthy poop.