Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez Dating

Eva Longoria Adds Another Pro-Athlete to her Boyfriend List

Eva Longoria has landed herself another pro-athlete.  This time the 37 year old cougar has gone even younger than before.  She has confirmed that she is now dating New York Jets quarterback Marck Sanchez.

Extra correspondent Mario Lopez and Eva have a good relationship so he felt comfortable digging right to the dirt.  He asked her about Sanchez.  Her response,

“You’re an a–hole,  No, Mark and I are, you know, fine. We’re happy just dating.”

Well that’s exactly what we wanted to know, hence my headline.

Longoria split from Tony Parker almost two years ago, putting the stamp on her divorce in January of last year.  She then dated Eduard Cruz for just four months.

Sanchez has been linked to a string of beauties including: Hayden Panettiere, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and the newest name to his list was Kat Upton.

Will this work?

Longoria fits the bill of what Sanchez is looking for according to an interview given by Sanchez to GQ magazine last year,

“I can’t help but want somebody that’s, I don’t know, athletic. Family is big. My mom has to love her. I mean, love her. Somebody who can handle all this. . . because I’m still learning, Cynically, I think, ‘Okay, how is this person going to help me with a Super Bowl?'”

I’m not sure if Eva can help him win a Super Bowl, but at age 37,with her biological clock ticking she’s going to be looking to start a little team of her own.  Given his young age of 25, maturity level and finances, bad move for Eva. My advice to her is to hit it, and quit it.  Have fun but set your sights on someone in their late thirties.  The richer he is, the older he should be – you can only compete with hot 22 year olds but for so long…even if you are Eva Longoria.


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