Fran Tarkenton and Tiger Woods

The Lost Tiger Woods Video – A Must See for All Tiger Fans!

Even after the scandal, I’m still one of Tiger Woods’ biggest fans, but I have never seen this video.

In the wake of the finals for the FedEx cup and with his first formidable rival in years, we see why Tiger is great, and why he will still dominate for another 8 years (Just my Humble Opinion).

As I watch it, I realize that I’ve seen clips from it, but never the video in it’s entirety.  It’s from the show “That’s Incredible” and it walks through Tiger Woods Career from age 6 months to age 5!  Yes, I said career!  He actually was in tournaments at that age.  If you watch you will see an incredible short game, a smooth swing and a determination that most players who even start young don’t have until they are 8 or 9.

This is a 4 minute Video All Tiger Fans Should Watch and Enjoy!


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