Lupe Fiasco Sued After Helping Drug Kingpin

Lupe Fiasco is an incredibly talented artist who proves that rap can still be meaningful. It doesn’t have to be about bitches and gold chains, it can also be about how your government is f–king you over.

We respect Lupe for that, but these new allegations against the 31-year-old rapper are quite alarming. Fiasco is being accused of helping a convicted drug kingpin hide millions of dollars from the kingpin’s estranged wife.

According to the lawsuit, the rapper helped the criminal screw his wife out of A LOT of money. The drug lord’s name is Charles Patton and he’s currently held up in prison and will be for a long time. He’s currently serving a 44-year prison sentence, all because of his massive drug operation.

Patton’s wife claims that Lupe helped her husband move over $9 million into several bank accounts. She claims they did it in order to keep her from the cash during their nasty divorce battle, which is still going on.

Somehow, she claims to have put together the pieces and she says it all points back to Lupe. She’s now suing in hopes of getting some of the money.

Meanwhile, the rapper’s lawyer claims the woman’s allegations are false, and will be proven to be false during the upcoming trial, “There are no secret accounts and no illicit instructions.” the lawyer told TMZ.

Pretty crazy sh-t, huh? Hard to believe he would get caught up in something like that, but you never know! Crazier things have happened.

We’ll keep you updated.


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