Karina Smirnoff, Mike Sorrentino, The Situation, Brooke Burke

DWTS – Was there a Situation last night?

Rumor has it that Mike “the situation” Sorrentino was pissed.  He’s been called a cry baby, and was rumored to be pouting in the park in lot after receiving his score.  Well I’m going to go on record as a huge Situation fan, I think that he is actually working very hard.  He is clearly out of his element and is putting in an unbelievable amount of work trying to make the best out of this opportunity.

That being said, He Sucks!  I think this picture is not indicative of how he received his score.  I thought he was a professional and took the criticism like a champ.  I hope he makes it another week.  You can’t keep your eyes off him – it’s like a great Train Wreck every week.  Go Mike Go! Go! Go! Yep, that’s me pumping my fists!