5 Million tune in to watch Sarah Palin! Really?

Believe it or not, but Sarah Palin’s show debuted as the most watched cable debut for a TV show ever. Yep, that’s right. It beat Flavor of Love. 5 million poor misguided souls tuned in to watch, what had to be a train wreck.  I still do not understand this nations unhealthy obsession with Palin.

Thank God it’s only an 8 episode series. I thought Jon and Kate was boring, but this show is like watching ice melt on a winter day. You get to watch Sarah Palin do crap that Sarah Palin does, and you are further tortured by hearing her talk while she’s doing it.

At least with the Kardashians Kim and Kourtney are easy on the eyes while their annoying you.
I’m almost positive this show won’t last, but I’ve been wrong before.