Ken Tucker’s Best and Worst TV of 2010 – without the Scrolling!

When famed film critic comes out with his best and worse list it’s great.  What’s annoying is the freaking scrolling video that you have to click through to see the list.  So through the wonders of the internet, the list of the Best and Worse can be seen here in one shot.  Abra-cadabra!

Ken Tucker’s BEST OF 2010
10. Work of Art: The Next Great Artist
9. Men of a Certain Age
8. Modern Family
7. Friday Night Lights
6. Justified
5. Mad Men
4. NBC Thursday sitcoms: Parks and Recreation, Community, and 30 Rock
3. The Good Wife
2. Fringe
1. Breaking Bad

Ken Tucker’s WORST OF 2010
5. Losing It with Jillian
4. Pretty Little Liars
3. Undercover Boss
2. America’s Got Talent
1. Kate Plus 8

After reading this, I clearly need to get my TV viewing game up to par. Of the bottom five shows, I have not missed an episode of 3 of them, and of the top 10, I only religiously watch Modern Family & Men of a certain Age. …..hmmmm..time to get the Net Flicks Poppin!