The Real Scoop on the Bachelor’s Brad Womack’s Arrest!

Over hyped or a real criminal? Brad himself dismisses the past run in’s with the law as just being a youth?  He refers specifically to the driver license as trying to get into a bar underage.  “I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first to admit that I had a couple of missteps when I was a teenager some 20 odd years ago” he told People magazine.

These so called “Charges keep getting glanced over – so we want the specifics”.

What exactly were the charges?

After scanning the web (so you don’t have to) I found:

1.      He was arrested for a forged ID one week before his 21st birthday in San Marcos.

2.      I wouldn’t be surprised if the “Public Intoxication” was the same thing.  We all know how easy it is to get one of those tickets.  Hic-cup!

The photo posted is NOT, let me repeat, is not is Mug Shot!

Tela Mange, spokeswoman for the Texas Department for Public Safety, said Brad Womack’s photograph, taken as part of the fingerprinting process for a background investigation, was not from an arrest. Womack’s brother, Chad, said the background check was requested as part of the process for obtaining a Small Business Administration loan.

The photo then, however, became part of his criminal record.“The photo is attached to the person, not to an event,” Mange says.

3.      The bad Check?  That still remains a mystery?  To whom? For what?

I think the biggest story here is his name.  Stephen Bradley Pickelsimer?  LMFAO!

Now that’s news!