Why Jersey Shore Season 4 in Italy – let’s look at the Numbers!

When you add it all up it equals: Season 4. Let’s look at the numbers:


  • 2nd Episode Season 4- 8.6 million viewers and a 4.4 in adults 18-49 (Topping Grey’s Anatomy) Setting an MTV record
  • 1st Episode of Season 3 – 8.4 million which was up a whopping 63% from last year’s Season 2 Premeire. Setting an MTV record.
  • Season 2 Average: 2.7 Million viewers


  • Snooki, Pauly D, TheSituation, and JWOWW will earn $30,000 per episode
  • Vinnie, Sammy and Ronnie will earn less.


  • Pauly D who will have his own show, also earns about $80,000 a week for being a DJ.
  • Snooki gets $20,000 per appearance often doing 3 per week.
  • Cast member Ronny Ortiz-Magro can also get up to $20,000 for hosting a party, which is the same fee Pauly D charges to DJ.
  • Sammi get $15,000 for showing up to at an event, while Jenn Farley has several product lines coming out.
  • Former cast member Angelina Pivarnik gets $5,000 per apprearance, while Vinnie gets $6,000 per hours to appear.


  • Snookie – Receptionist: $28,000
  • The Situation – GYM Manager $35,000
  • Pauly D – DJ $16,000
  • JWoww – Fashion Designer (Yeah Right) $17,000
  • Ronnie – hmmmm $0.00
  • Sammi – wannabe Fashion Designer $17,000
  • Vinny – wannabe Lawyer $0 living with his parents
  • Angelina – Bartender in NYC $48,000

With a 30 second commercial spot going anywhere from $30,000 and up MTV is the real winner.

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