Zsa Zsa Gabor gets her Leg Amputated and gets Tweeted On!

This story has Cosmo all choked up. Seriously!

The all so sexy Zsa Zsa Gabor had to have her right leg partially amputated. OMG is right. She had a 12 inch long lesion on her lower leg that had an infection. After being taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center they could not treat her leg and had to perform an above the knee amputation.

Zsa Zsa’s has been having trouble since her hip replacement when she fel out of her Bel Air mansion. She’s been mostly confined to a wheel chair since 2002.

Lisa Lampanelli tweeted the joke earlier this month: “Zsa Zsa’s famous mansion on sale for $28 mil. The home is just too big for her now that her shoe collection has been cut in half!”
Zsa Zsa and her husband were asked for their comments and said they were not offended. Prince Frederic von Anhalt told TMZ he thought “it was very funny what she said,” adding that he and Zsa Zsa are “not offended at all.”

Zsa Zsa we are rooting for you! Your beauty is timeless!!