Nick Cannon’s brother Gabriel Cannon’s arrest – what really happened?

Gabriel Cannon, was arrested on Wednesday March 9, 2011 in North Hollywood for attempting to steal video camera equipment. All reports say “at the intersection of Ventura Blvd and Colfax Ave”.

What? At an intersection? WTF?

Well as the story, which seemed only to be reported by Entertainment Tonight, reads he and some unknown accomplices tried taking jewelry from a car but instead took video equipment.

What’s really Going on?

The robbery victims Alex and Alejo Moreno (father and son) were actually working with (or for) Gabriel filming a reality show. Gabriel called a meeting with the Moreno’s which resulted in a set up. The father and son filming team were then beat up and all footage of Gabrielle Cannon were taken from them, along with some jewelry.

I guess Gabriel is really “Wilding Out”.

That story makes more sense.

Gabriel Cannon aka “GQ” is Nick Cannon’s younger brother who worked on the set of “Wildin Out”, and was also once (and maybe still is) an aspiring rapper. His website states that he is determined to be Hip Hop’s Greatest MC. (Yeah Right!). website: Poor House Records

What some people might not know is that Gabriel Cannon is the father of Monica Leon’s aka Danger (from “The Love of Ray J”) baby. Remember her?

I wonder what Big Cannon has to say about little Cannon’s behavior. Nothing has been released yet.