Who is Chris Brown Dating?

I’ve just added this section to the blog because it’s always interesting to see the significant others of the stars.  Unlike other blogs, I am not only give facts, but I also provide editorials.  It’s called SmackTalk for a reason and I will talk my Smack – and would love for you to talk yours as well.

On the first post of this section we are looking at Chris Brown!  It’s really hard for me to still get over Chris Brown and Rihanna.  The guy is a douche-bag.  The crying at the BET awards, storming out at GMA – just pure D-bag moves.

The sad part is, he’s talented.  Very talented.  It almost hurts sometime to admit that the he is as good as he is.  His album is great, he killed it on DWTS, I have to give him his props.  It’s just the physical abuse thing I can’t get over.  If you’re not married, Cheat on her, but don’t beat on her.


After the whole Rihanna incident, who would be brave enough to date Chris “D-Bag” Brown?

Introducing Karrueche Tran.

Apparently she is a model of Vietnamese decent.  She is best known for being friends with Angela Simmons.  Oy Vey!  Imagine being best known for being someone’s friend?  *cough* Gayle King *cough Oprah Winfrey* cough

While Karrueche is no Gayle, she is however Chris Brown’s new squeeze.  The two were spotted together back in December, and she’s been hanging in there ever since.  Rarely is she photographed without the spoiled R&B star.  A few months ago there was some engagement buzz but Chris “D-Bag” Brown put that to bed with one tweet.

There you have it.  If Chris “D-bag” Brown can make it through the summer without D-bag behavior, we will think about restoring his good name.

The jury is out.