Loc gone Wild. Tone Loc Arrested for Domestic Violence.

ALTERNATE HEADLINE: Tone Loc gets crazy on his baby mama.
That’s pretty much what happened. He was arrested on charges for a “physical altercation” in Burbank, CA. Now he is spending Father’s Day in jail.

What do you mean? He didn’t post bail?

That’s right, Tone Loc aka Anthony Smith has not posted the $50,000 bail. Ouch!
Tone Loc used to be a member of the Crip’s. The name came from his friends calling him “Antonio Loco” His song “Wild Thing” made him an overnight success. The video cost only $340 to make. Take that Rebbecca Black!
Tone Loc scored the biggest hit since “We Are the World” with a song that seemed too risque for it’s times and a video that cost under $600. Thanks to his hit “Wild Thing” Delicious Vinyl made more money for Island Records in 1989 then U.
Let’s not forget – Funky Cold Medina!!