Amy Winehouse Tour Dates Cancelled after Worse Concert Ever!

I get pissed when people pay their hard earned money and get a crappy performance. That is exactly what happened with Amy Winehouse in Brigade.

This is just plain ridiculous. She is so irrelevant she should be happy that anyone still cared enough to give her a tour.

She was performing for a crowd at Kamemegdan park – the first stop of her European tour of festivals which included Greece, Spain and Switzrland.

Fresh out of rehab a few weeks ago, Amy was ready to rock! Or so we thought.

Tickets were about $35 bucks which is a huge chunk of change in a region where people are making only $106 per week. One quarter your weekly salary to get a 27 year old drunken idiot.

Watch the footage below, she stumbles around the stage like that chick at 2:00 AM in the club that your friend wants to take home. She takes off her shoes, throws them and attempts to sing before she hits the deck.

When you look at these guys in the band, professional musicians in their 40’s and 50’s, at what point is enough enough for them. When she pulls a stunt like this, they don’t get paid, their tour is cancelled just like hers. You would think someone would take control of this out of hand situation.

Appearances in Instanbul and Athens have been cancelled and rightly so.

Winehouse’s reps released a statement in support of the decision,

“Despite feeling sure that she wanted to fulfill these commitments, she has agreed with management that she cannot perform to the best of her ability and will return home,”

Well these reps, her band and anyone exclusively related to Amy Winehouse need to start looking for a new gig. We all like comebacks, but when we are done being amused, we are done – just ask Sisqo. Who? Exactly.