Ryan Dunn of Jackass fame, Dies in Early Morning Car Accident

Hours after posting this pic of himself Ryan Dunn was fatally injured in a car wreck.

What was Ryan Dunn Driving?
Dunn was pushing a 2007 911 GT3 Porsche when he crashed into a wooded area and the car burst into flames. Police (and I ) think speed may have been a factor.  It was a double fatal crash killing his passenger as well (who has not been identified yet).

Ryan was a staple in the Jack Ass movies as well as the TV show and was just starting to develop himself outside of the dangerous reality genre, branching into other areas of safer TV.

He was recently on NBC’s “Minute to Win It”, had a bit part in “Law and Order” and was the host of G4’s new show “Proving Ground”. “Proving Ground” was a unique show where him and his co-host Jessica Choban, proved out actions scenes from movies, and TV.

Car Similar to the One Dunn was Driving


Dunn got started as most of the Jackass crew did, from the world of bmx and skateboarding. After being discovered from some online skate videos he made, he went on to be an integral part of the Jackass team, then co-staring as Robin to Bam’s Batman in the “Viva La Bam” series.
MTV released a statement via twitter (How else these days….).

“We’re deeply saddened by the passing of a member of the MTV family, Ryan Dunn. Our hearts and thoughts are with his friends and family.”

Here is a clip of Dunn and Bam doing what they do best. Acting crazy!!!