NeNe Leakes Baby Bryson Bryant is behind bars.

Ohhhh, I’m Gonna Tell Mama!

Baby Bryson Bryant is Behind Bars.  Say that five times fast.  Well Bryson is “no” baby anymore.

If you watch “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, you know who Bryson is.  He’s the hard headed older son of NeNe who we all just know is a loser.  NeNe is seen throughout several episodes of the show trying to give him tough love but apparently it wasn’t enough.

Dumbo Bryson Bryant was arrested in Georgia stealing form a Walmart! He stole two $14 razors.

Basically, last Thursday Bryant and a friend identified as Damien Harris stroll into a Walmart and attempt to steal the razors. …and guess what?  He’s still in jail.

He was arrested last year for possession of marijuana (less then an ounce) and this is clearly a violation of his probation. He is reported to be still on lock Down.

UPDATE!!!  It’s just been reported that the razors he stole were two Gillette Mach 3’s.   lol.  How’s that for details.  Dayyyuumm!!!

NeNe refered to the incident on her twitter

‘My day just got started off wrong! Damn.’

Let’s see how long Nene lets him sit in jail.  “Where’s Barbara Walter’s now”.


Video below is Nene talking to Wendy Williams about Bryson’s first arrest.  The idiot went to visit a friend in jail, not only did he bring a bud of weed with him, but he had outstanding unpaid tickets himself.  D’oh!

Video –Nene with Wendy