Pop Eater Gets Eaten by Huffington Post.

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Pop Eater Gets Eaten by Huffington Post.

  [facebook_ilike] Another Gossip site gets gobbled up.  Pop Eater has now been engulfed by the Huffington post.  Pop Eater was ranked number 6 amongst gossip websites getting beat out of the top 5 by none other then Perez Hilton.  Pop Eater receives about 9.6 million Unique visitors per month.  (Slightly more then us. j/k).  The top 5 gossip sites leading the industry are:

1.Yahoo’s  OMG

2. People,

3. TMZ,

4. Wonderwall,

5. Perez Hilton.

Pop Eater was right there in sixth place. 

Arianna Huffingotn herself made the announcement on Monday stating:

“We’ve always offered a take on celebrity and culture that is a fun, high/low mix that reflects our users’ diverse range of interests and desire for comprehensive entertainment news delivered in real-time. Creating these two new destination sites will allow us to both expand and deepen our coverage,” she said. “Our goal is to give our readers everything from buzzy items to thought-provoking opinion pieces delivered with a style and a voice that’s uniquely HuffPost. We want to inform and entertain, while engaging our community around these subjects and serving as a starting point for compelling ‘digital watercooler’ conversations.”

So we welcome a new superpower of gossip.  Bring on the competition I say!  Just what I need to keep my skills sharp.  Besides having the staff and resources to get photos etc, they will have famous people writing for them such as Alec Baldwin, Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, and Larry David. 

Wow, Larry David? Ok- now I’m hating. 

After AOL acquired the Huffington Post hey appointed Arianna CEO.  Ths has given her the resources to go big or go home which is exactly what AOL wants and needs to do.  They will launch Huffington Celebrity and Huffpost Cultre to go along with her recent launch of the Huffington post in the UK. 

Here’s a snap shot of the new website. It’s no big deal really.  We all know content is King.  They wanted me and this site to join them, but I turned them down. They couldn’t afford my talents.  (NO, clicking the picture won’t take you there.  No need for you to go there, you have everything you need here!).