Gilligan’s Island and Brady Bunch Creator, Sherwood Schwartz dies at 94!

Talk about heroes!  Sherwood Schwartz created some of the shows that are responsible for shaping America.  I know that sounds like a rather huge statement, but it’s definitely true.

Really, can anyone deny the impact that “The Brady Bunch” had on society?

Schwartz born in Passaic, NJ (Shout out to my Jersey Peeps!) ,  began writing for Bob Hope’s radio show back in 1939.  He then served as head writer on the infamous “Red Skeleton Show”.  Gilligan was his way of escaping mentally.  He was rumored not to get along with Red Skeleton, to the point where in his contract face to face meetings with the comic were not allowed!


Once Gilligan’s island was released, Schwartz was severely ridiculed for the show.  A popular writer at the time, Rick DuBrow wrote,

“It is impossible that a more inept, moronic or humorless show has ever appeared on the home tube,”

“Gilligan’s Island” ended running for a total of 96 episodes and 3 made for TV movies.  The shows continued to grow once they were all colorized and ran in syndication.

The “Brady Bunch” ran for 5 Season and 117 episodes.  Believe it or not, it never broke into the top 30 but it achieved iconic success, so much where the main actors and actresses were type casted into their roles for life.

FACT: An episode of the show has been broadcast somewhere in the United States and abroad every single day of every single year through at least 2008.

Schwartz was rumored to be working on a film version of Gilligan’s Island when he died early Tuesday morning.

He died of natural causes at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.