Introducing Alicia Please…um I mean… Keys & Her Thighs!

alicia keys thighs are huge

I get it, she just had a baby.  I know, however……DAYUUUMMMM!  You don’t give birth with your thighs do you?  She is looking like a 2 piece biscuit meal.  If I were her, I would get a hold of J-Lo’s trainer and get it in gear.

Karma is a b*tch and this might be the World’s payback for breaking up a happy home.  Baby time is over young lady, time to hit the gym!  Some women look good thick, you just look sloppy, and the jean shorts do not help matters at all. Not to mention…are those….no, can’t be… I see ‘CANKLES’.  OMG!

Mashonda – these pictures are for you!  Enoy them while you can, there is no doublt Alicia Keys will be back to her stunning self in no time.  We are just having a little fun today.