Introducing Alicia Please…um I mean… Keys & Her Thighs!

alicia keys thighs are huge

I get it, she just had a baby.  I know, however……DAYUUUMMMM!  You don’t give birth with your thighs do you?  She is looking like a 2 piece biscuit meal.  If I were her, I would get a hold of J-Lo’s trainer and get it in gear.

Karma is a b*tch and this might be the World’s payback for breaking up a happy home.  Baby time is over young lady, time to hit the gym!  Some women look good thick, you just look sloppy, and the jean shorts do not help matters at all. Not to mention…are those….no, can’t be… I see ‘CANKLES’.  OMG!

Mashonda – these pictures are for you!  Enoy them while you can, there is no doublt Alicia Keys will be back to her stunning self in no time.  We are just having a little fun today.


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  1. karen

    Lets see the picture of who wrote this article? COSMO! If she was skinny youd complain, shes normal sized and you still complain. The media are the biggest bullies yet we start anti bullying campaigns and weep at the images young women have of themselves, Get a grip she looks naturally beautiful and critic peoples work (which is amazing) oh yes thats right, most of the people you write about have no real talented or purpose.

    • Cosmo

      Karen, You are probably right – I would complain, but I’m not a bully. And most people I right about are famous and do have talent.
      I have a blog and if you are fat, I’m going to tell you that you’re fat All Day Long!!

  2. Magda

    Wow how shallow and shameful we have become and how disgustingly critical ! I felt sad and angry to see her cover her figure up! She is a normal woman without being airbrushed and has just had a baby! I salute her for wearing what she felt like and not conforming to how others feel she should dress!!!!!!

  3. Cheeky

    “Cover up: Bashful Alicia realises her mistake and tries to hide her thighs with a brown paper bag”. Uhm, no she’s just carrying a bag……

  4. Hot Momma

    Well my husband has always thought she HAS a great body so I don’t think men are complaining, she’s always been bigger on the bottom half she’s just carrying a little extra because she recently gained weight to have a baby, a few months down the line and it will come off naturally, plus those gladiator ankle strap sandles make all womens legs look larger regardless of body type. Bottom line she’s still gorgeous!!!

  5. Kiki

    Cut out the nonesense. She has a beautiful face and a grand head of hair. The rest of her looks better than 90% of the women I see on the street. That lower body is in her genetic makeup. There is no reason that her life should be devoted to the narcissistic torture of extreme dieting and endless exercise. Let her enjoy a sunny day out with her family in her cute little outfit. Let’s all get dowm and do 50 leg lifts, run 3 miles, and have a leaf of lettuce for dinner 7 days a week before we judge.

  6. The Real

    More comments on this story than anything…FAT WOMEN ARE OUT LIKE VULTURES TODAY, don;t try and defend yourselves for your addiction to food. NO shame her, just STOP overeating by way of treatment. Talk therapy is great and works! Crack, Cocaine, marijuana, pills, food…all the same in addiction. Just get help, you deserve it.

  7. EyeCU

    She has always had those ugly legs, people just pay attention to it now because they know she just had a baby; but it’s not the weight it is the shape of her legs that are weird. I know this first hand those are the shape of my legs when I have weight on or off , I always hide my legs they only look good in pants or long dresses. If you look back at her videos you will notice that.

  8. caliCase

    I must admit, I was a bit shocked to see Alicia Keys in such UNFLATTERING pics!!! Did she really gain this much weight during her pregnancy and just can’t get it “off”?? She was photographed quite a bit while she was pregnant and even though she kept her body covered, her face and arms looked much slimmer than they do in these photos — she a pretty, talented lady; hope she can lose the weight…

  9. steve

    Alicia looks good,I think most men find her sexy ,I love women with big thighs, so I think she looks great,and hope she keeps those big thighs!

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