Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony call it a Wrap. Divorce!

You know your boy Cosmo never sleeps.  Just as I’m punching the clock, I hear this:



After seven years the hot and spicy couple are calling it quits.  It was released to PEOPLE:

“We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters.”

This divorce could be worth a whopping $350 Million, not to mention the custody battle that will be crazy for the twins.

There were rumors stemming from a New Year’s Eve spat in San Juan, Puerto Rico this year.  They had a crazy argument in public and Mark Anthony did the finger in your face thing in front of everyone.

“At one point Marc took Jennifer to the side and got very serious with her. It looked as if he was giving her some kind of orders—like a father scolding a child. It didn’t look like a nice conversation. Put it this way—no one was smiling, and it was the biggest party of the year!”

That goes along with the rumors that he was “Verbally” abusive.  Spankin that a$$ with some verbs and nouns.  Well now it’s going to be off to he lawyers.  I’m sure all of this will come up and more.  This is about to get muy caliente!!

No one knows right now if there is a pre-nup but this is Jennifer Lopez’ third divorce in 15 years so she knows how to do it right.  2011 is going to be a tough one.  She is still battling her ex husband from releasing a tape called, “Jenny from the Hood”.  Oh My!

As usual stay tuned, I’m sure there will be much more.  Anybody with an early release of “Jenny from the hood” hit me up.  [email protected].

I’m not joking.


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  1. Biker

    Seriously people…you didn’t see this coming? This is HOLLYWOOD…marriage, or the illusion of one, has traditionally been used to help further ones career (keep in mind, they collaborated on several projects): “we’re sooo happy, we’re so peeeeeerfect, we’re soooooo special” followed by…we’re so done…we’re soooo divorced. SHOCKER!!

  2. Preacherman

    Normally couldn’t care less about celeb break-ups but for some reason am saddened by this one. They knew each other for years beforehand and got together after previous relationships broke up, always thought they were meant to be but sadly this seems not to be the case. Hope they can work things out for the sake of the children.

  3. FancyNancy

    Her husband like JLo are latin, it could not have been easy for him to deal with the threats of her previous husband to release videos of her. He probably was not in agreement with whatever settlement was reached with this money hungry low life. Very tough for a latin man to view the Mother of his children in a less than virginal mode. Too bad for they genuinely seemed happy together and worse still they are parents to two young children. This is wishing for them to reconsider and reconcile.

  4. Shoeshopper

    Not trying to be mean,But this is not a shock for me.I had a feeling it would happen Rich and Famous people don’t have much luck when it comes to marriage or relationships.

  5. Pretty Tony

    I’m not surprised. She is in love with herself and her career and was never a good candidate for marriage. Clueless is a good word for her maternal lack of talent, and she doesn’t want to collaborate with her husband when it comes to priorities. Such a shame. Her talent is not the greatest, but her enormous ego won’t let her come to terms with reality. The babies will suffer. Mark’s divorce from the other wife has left those two children with no day-to-day fathering, I presume. It is beyond me how people cope so badly in this world with all their assets. There are no limits there, and that’s why liberalism is such a bad idea.

  6. Erin64

    I’m surprised that anyone is truly surprised by this news. I never really understood how they got together in the first place. One second she was with Ben Affleck, the next second Marc Anthony was divorcing a woman he just renewed vows with, then he and J. Lopez got married. Looked kind of doomed from the beginning. And still, I was almost convinced these two would last in spite of all odds. Both egotistical and completely insufferable. The only thing that amazes me right now is that Ashton and Demi haven’t filed for divorce first.

  7. bilal 2010 mp3

    Unusual for PuertoRicans to divorce after such a short time, most are hightly influence to keep the family together no matter what. especially after kids, But this is what PuertoRicans called plastic people..

  8. carmen

    I am not surprised at all, i am surprised it took this long to happen! Actually i could see this coming a few years ago, in 2007, when i read an interview with J Lo in Glamour magazine and she was saying then how controlling, jealous and possessive is her new husband, to the point he asked her not to wear revealing clothes! At the time i was quite shocked as the woman is a Leo so a very strong personality, very glamourous all the time, not to mention a global diva – so she was not willing to wear a trackie, hat and flip flops! She was quite soft saying that he must have felt insecure and she was (of course) taking his jealousy as a compliment! Over the years i can imagine he’s got very frustrated with her success, sexiness and huge comeback, so that would explain a lot. Despite of her success, she always was very gentle and sweet (very endearing on American Idol), so i guess it may be his arrogance and possessiveness which ruined it

  9. Trixie

    Another one bites the dust – sad and especially so because their twins are so young. What a shame people do not give more time to understand the true commitment of marriage, why one has to be so sure before making a decision to bring children into the world who later become the victims of broken homes.

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