Tiger Gets A Little Justice & Some Money Back from Rachel Uchitel.

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Tiger Gets A Little Justice & Some Money Back from Rachel Uchitel.


[facebook_ilike] I guess talking To TMZ isn’t always a good idea, especially when you have a freakin’ gag clause in you settlement….Dummy!!!

Remember when we were all waiting for Rachel Uchitel to tell? Then it stopped and she went away…for a minute.  That was because Tiger hit her with a fat check for $10 mil.  He put his money where her mouth was.  I have to say, that would shut me up pretty quick too.  For $10 mil this blog would be gone!

However, that check comes with some restrictions:

One big one being,



Easy enough right?  If that restriction is violated not only do you have to return the money, but Tiger could sue you for damages. 
Well Rachel’s first violation was going to TMZ, her second was going on Celebrity Rehab.  The Celebrity Rehab violation is questionable because “Tiger” was never really named, it was centered around her addiction to “Love” (and billionaires as we are now learning about Jaime Dingman). 


 Media attorney hog, Gloria Allred, basically made Rachel give the money back.  She struck a deal with Tiger’s lawyer Jay Lavely.  Rachel still doesn’t believe she was in violation but Gloria convinced her that she would lose if she was sued and told her that It was in her best interest to return the money. 

 This is where things get a little nasty.  When Gloria and Lavely met, Gloria told Jay that she would convince Rachel to give up the $10 million if she could keep her fees.  Wow!  When Rachel found that out, she hired an attorney to sue Gloria for the $10 million or she would go to court for malpractice.

This is going to get interesting.  I think malpractice would be if Rachel asked Gloria’s opinion first and Gloria advised her to do the show and talk to TMZ and later got sued.  If I was Gloria, I would just return the $10 million, keep my fee and let Jay Lavely sue the pants off of Rachel Uchitel. 

Rachel – You Big Dummy!  You made $10 million dollars for doing nothing.  Shut the “f” up and go have a nice life.  TMZ and Celebrity Rehab is not what anyone considers  going away quietly. 

Finally score one for Team Tiger. He comes out the winner in all this either way.  Maybe this will be the start of a turnaround for Mr. Woods.  God knows he could use it.