Jerry Ferrara Slims Down, From Sea Turtle to Snapping Turtle.

Wow, it was a gradual process but Turtle has slimmed down something fierce.

Just how much weight has Jerry Ferrara, aka Turtle lost?

A whopping 55 pounds to be exact.  He’s gone from Sea Turtle to Snapping Turtle.

As he told “Life & Style” Mag,

“I’m just eating well, I really changed everything [about] what I ate and was drinking. It’s been slow, maybe two or three pounds a month.  Nothing drastic, just gradual changes,”

The stars weight loss is so noticeable it had to be written into the shows last season’s script.

Definitely a smart move as the show is wrapping up.  The dramatic visual will help prevent typecasting and allow Turtle to be cast in stronger possible leading roles in the future.

Smart move Turtle, let’s see if it pays off.

– Cosmo

More pictures below….

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