Cosmo Movie Reviews: Horrible Bosses

This is a shame, but I only go to the movies, after I hear a move is worth seeing.  The result of that is, you get a review that’s several weeks late.  The great part about the internet is that this review will still be around when Horrible Bosses hits BluRay.  (I’ve yet to see a Blu Ray anything..).

Horrible Bosses was just the kind of funny flick that I needed on a Sunday afternoon.  No superstars, just a nice deep cast of “Stars”.  This type of casting makes for a very well balanced movie.

Having said that, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis and Jaime Foxx all pulled their weight evenly.

After leaving watching Horrible Bosses, you have a similar feeling to The Hangover…but not so much. The camaraderie, the writing and the plot is more “Bridesmaids” trying to be The Hangover.  Let’s face it, “Hangover” status is hard to accomplish.

The premise of the film is one we’ve seen before, three guys who hate their bosses for 3 very different reasons.  In a twisted, dark plot they decide to murder each other’s bosses as a cure to their problems.  As the plot develops, and you learn the limitations of the characters, you learn to wonder if anyone will be murdered at all, and if so how?  The first 45 minutes you spend in curiosity and the last 45 minutes you spend in predictability.

Kevin Spacey is fantastic as one of the bosses.  He’s funny when he needs to be funny, yet serious, dark and evil when the role calls for it.  His acting chops are still there and were definitely on display sometime taking the movie outside of the spectrum of comedy into the realm of darkness.  Jaime Foxx has a cameo as “Motherf_ka Jones”.   He also does a great job of walking the dark comedy line expertly.  As far as the other cast members, everyone was basically what they needed to be, when they needed to be.

The character casting was a little off.  It’s still hard to believe that Charlie Day’s character would be sexually harassed by Jennifer Aniston on a daily basis and that Jason Sudeikis has enough “sexy” to play the role of a playboy stud type, but then again, maybe that’s why it worked.

So once you put your “Over the Top” glasses on, and settle end for a movie that is met to be taken lightly, you will enjoy yourself.  It’s rather raunchy at time, so seeing it with your Mom, Dad or coworkers could cause some awkward moments.

  •  Worth the movies – Yep
  • Worth Video – Definitely
  • Overall Rating – B


Horrible Bosses Move Trailer Below…..

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