Chuck Norris and John Travolta in for Expendables 2!!

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Chuck Norris and John Travolta in for Expendables 2!!

If you saw Expendables – then you know it was a cheesy flick with bad acting, a god-awful plot, and 3rd class acting.  Well, I’ve seen it 4 times.  I like what I like!  That’s why I was thrilled to here that “Expendables 2” is in the works.

Yesterday it was announced that John Travolta will join the cast. His 57 years of age  puts him near the average age of the over the hill cast of all stars.

The movie will be filmed in Bulgaria, David Varod, chief executive of NU Boyana studios says,

“The movie is on, definitely. It will be a very good thing for Bulgaria, since there are some very big stars coming,”

The first movie was directed by Sylvester Stallone himself,  and now they are bringing in Con Air director Simon West.

With these new additions , possibly a bigger role for Schwarzenegger since politics are now behind him, Expendables 2 can be bigger, cheesier, campier and even more of a guilty pleasure then the first.

Oh yeah, chuck Norris is onboard as well.  Due for an Aug. 17, 2012 release.

Remember Chuck Norris doesn’t do a push up, he pushes the earth down.  Let’s Go!!