Taylor Armstrong was There when her Husband’s Body was Found!

Bravo is still figuring out what to do about Season 2 of “The Real Housewives’ of Beverly Hills” .  The sudden death of Russell Armstrong has left the cast and crew and even the fans’ heads spinning. 

The Armstrong’s marriage or lack there of had been part of the show’s drama.  Their marriage was supposed to be the Kelsey and Camile Grammar of season 2.  This might still be the case, but it is undecided as of today, with Russell Armstrong’s death. 

No suicide note was found with Russell’s body.  Reports are that he hung himself in his Mulholland Drive apt.

Kyle (Richards) discussed how intense and emotional watching the Taylor’s marriage break apart would be,

“Taylor’s situation, just seeing that unravel, and it’s a very emotional subject; a very difficult subject.”

In the trailer, you could see Taylor Armstrong telling the rest of the housewives that her and her husband were going to therapy and bursting in tears at a dinner party.  We all knew this was coming, we can tell from season 1.  Russell seemed detached, withdrawn and just spaced out half of the time saying that he had business affairs to tend to.

On July 15th the Armstrong’s filed for divorce which most likely won’t’ be captured on the show as it’s too recent.

Reports are that Taylor was actually there when the body was discovered.  They were supposed to be meeting on Monday afternoon but Russell never showed up.  Taylor started to text and call him when non of his friends had heard from him.

With no response she found the property owner to Russell’s apt to get the key and check things out.
She reportedly watched on as the owner peered through Russell’s bedroom window and spotted him hanging.

Russell’s attorney, Ronald Richards, has also expressed his disbelief over his client’s suicide. “I’m very shocked by this,” he told PEOPLE. “Besides being upset about his divorce and its effect on his kids, he didn’t show any outward signs of depression.”

Still, Ronald admitted that Russell’s debt and legal problems, which include a $1.5 million lawsuit for misusing funds and breach of contract by MyMedicalRecords.com, did cause Russell a lot of stress. He also blamed “Real Housewives” for adding the stress level as saying, “Being thrust in the spotlight didn’t do any favors for Russell and Taylor.”

The first season was topped off with Kelsey Grammar’s highly publicized divorce and now ratings for season 2 will be through the roof.


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