Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Will Cost Her…..Nothing!!

For us poor ‘folk’ sometimes it just gets a wee bit aggravating.

Believe it or not, Kim Kardashian’s wedding will cost her personally $0.00.

ZERO!! In fact she will MAKE MONEY from the wedding.

$50,000 to Party

Remember her Bachelorette party?  She was paid $50,000 from Tao to have her party there.

$1.5 Million for Wedding photos

The “Joker” aka Bruce Jenner negotiated a magazine deal and Kim will be paid $1.5 million dollars for the exclusive rights to the wedding photos.

The majority of vendors are providing their services for free, just to be a part of the big day.  The Kardashian name is worth more in advertising then what they would charge for their services.

Some of the freebies include the Lehr & Black wedding invitations at a cool $10,000; the cake bill from Hansen’s Cakes is reportedly $6,000.

Soon to be Hubby Kris Humphries received a huge discount on the $2 million dollar Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring that we all heard so much about.

Even Vera Wang jumped in, giving her a choice of 3 $20,000 wedding dresses.

Right now they are partying away, while we are eating our hearts out at a $20 million Montecito estate.

WE will be able to see the details on E! on October 9th and 10th.

…..but you know your boy will have pics on Monday.



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