Solange Knowles Gets a Weapon Drawn on her By Miami Police

Solange Knowles was “getting it in” with the law while her sister Beyonce was announcing her pregnancy on the VMA’s.

Sunday night Solange was not allowed in a night club for trying to bring in a banana.  Not just any banana, but a five foot banana.  (wtf??)

She is screaming racial discrimination….she isn’t just screaming it, she is screaming it via twitter.


Someone from the Miami Beach police department confirmed the incident but of course denied any racial bias. They said that Solange was complaining about not being allowed in the clubs for racial reasons (not the 5 ft. banana) when an undercover cop stepped in.

The officer’s description of the events was released in a statement,

‘Ms Knowles was not allowed access into the club because she was in possession of a 5ft tall inflatable banana.

‘Ms. Knowles began to complain the reasons for not being allowed access into the club were racially motivated.

‘Ms Knowles continued her actions, while speaking to officers working off duty at the club.

‘Ms. Knowles’ demeanor caused the officers to escort her across the street to further the conversation, where Ms. Knowles claims one of the officers pulled a ‘weapon’ on her, not a firearm, and threatened to deflate the banana.

‘Ms. Knowles contacted the Miami Beach Police Department, and spoke to a Sergeant who notified the Department’s Internal Affairs Unit.

‘The Internal Affairs Unit will be contacting Ms Knowles in reference to her allegations.

‘At this time no further information or sound will be given in reference to this incident due to the Internal Affairs Investigation as per FSS Chapter 119.’

With the incident behind her, she was back to her old self as she tweeted her congratulations for her sister Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement.

‘One.And.Only. I could not possibly be more proud. Tears in my eyes.

‘No one deserves it more. That doesn’t happen by accident. That doesn’t happen by chance. That doesn’t happen by gimmicks.’

I think half of this is her cry for some attention.  We’ll see if this story has any legs….I doubt it.  Fall back little Sis and let “B” shine.