Nike Introduces a Back To the Future Shoe, Ebay Auction, Sweet Commercial but No Power Laces

I think the idea is a great one, but if you are going to do it, wait for the Power Laces.  I actually thought they were coming.  Back in August Nike actually filed a Patent for “Power Laces”.  I thought for sure they were coming, I smelled a promotion so I assumed that we were going to get some sweet “Back to the Future” hook-ups.

Well we did.  The sneakers are called Air Mags. Starting yesterday, Sept 8th, 150 Pairs will be Auctioned of on Ebay for 10 days straight.  the sneakers look a lot like the movie shoes, but they don’t have the freakin’ Power Laces.

In typical Nike fashion, they ran a fantastic commercial starring the original “Doc Brown” Christopher Lloyd, to address this issue.  Apparently we are 4 years too early.

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